11 July 2019 – Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier – 1) Online Exam Paper – 2018 “held on 11 JULY 2019”

Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

Q1. The 2018 BWF World Tour Finals men’s singles was won by:


1. Shi Yuqi
2. Son Wan Ho
3. Kento Momoto
4. Sameer Verma

Correct Answer: Shi Yuqi

Q2. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were executed on ________.


1. 28 January, 1933
2. 23 March, 1931
3. 23 February, 1930
4. 23 April, 1932

Correct Answer: 23 March, 1931

Q3. The right pulmonary artery is ______.


1. of same size as the left
2. shorter than the left
3. longer than the left
4. wider than the left

Correct Answer:  longer than the left

Q4. Who among the following is famous for Classical Carnatic Music?


1. Pandit Kumar Gandharva
2. Pandit Ravi Shankar
3. Balamuralikrishna
4. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

Correct Answer: Balamuralikrishna

Q5. The Pacific Vanguard maritime exercise was held in ________ May 2019.


1. China
2. Australia
3. Japan
4. Guam

Correct Answer: Guam

Q6. The term ‘Hellenistic’ is related to which of the following countries?


1. China
2. Peru
3. Greece
4. India

Correct Answer: Greece

Q7. The Indian ship that will take part in the 8th Indo – Myanmar Coordinated Patrol is ______.


1. INS Car Nicobar
2. INS Sukanya
3. INS Saryu
4. INS Vikrant

Correct Answer: INS Saryu

Q8. The Goldman Prize which was instituted in 1989 by Richard and Rhoda Goldman is given in the field of __________.


1. Painting
2. Environment
3. Music
4. Education

Correct Answer: Environment

Q9. In June 2019, which Ministry was created by merging the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation and the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation?


1. Jal Jeevan
2. Jal Shakti
3. Jal Sangrah
4. Jal Nidhi

Correct Answer: Jal Shakti

Q10. An island between India and Sri Lanka is ______.


1. Kachchatheevu
2. Chorao
3. Divar
4. Ilha grand

Correct Answer: Kachchatheevu

Q11. A biochemical compound is any:


1. carbon-based compound found in living things
2. hydrogen-based compound found in living things
3. mineral-based compound found in living things
4. sulfur-based compound found in living things

Correct Answer: carbon-based compound found in living things

Q12. In the context of banking system in India what is the fullform of RTGS?


1. Reel Time Gain Settlement
2. Real Time Gross Settlement
3. Random Time Gross Settlement
4. Real Time Gain Settlement

Correct Answer: Real Time Gross Settlement

Q13. The famous Madhubani artist who won the Bihar Ratna in 1984 is ______.


1. Sita Devi
2. Ganga Devi
3. Mahasundari Devi
4. Shashi Kala Devi

Correct Answer: Sita Devi

Q14. An example of an input device is ______.


1. Projector
2. Headphones
3. Soundcard
4. Webcam

Correct Answer: Webcam

Q15. The team that won the first two World Cup cricket tournaments was:


1. India
2. West Indies
3. England
4. Australia

Correct Answer: West Indies

Q16. The Gandikota canyon, also known as the grand canyon of India is located in ______.


1. West Bengal
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Karnataka
4. Kerala

Correct Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Q17. In the field of Information and Technology what is the fullform of ASCII?


1. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
2. American Standard Communication for Information Interchange
3. American Standard Code for Infrastructure Interchange
4. American Standard Code for International Interchange

Correct Answer: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Q18. Which of the following is the major state taxes in India?


1. Income tax
2. Corporation Tax
3. Stamp duty and registration
4. Customs duty

Correct Answer: Stamp duty and registration

Q19. Central Potato Research Institute is located in __________.


1. Nagpur
2. Kolkata
3. Hyderabad
4. Shimla

Correct Answer: Shimla

Q20. India’s PU Chitra won gold medal in women’s 1500 meter at Folksam Grand Prix 2019 held in ___________.


1. France
2. Indonesia
3. Sweden
4. Russia

Correct Answer: Sweden

Q21. Hampi, the ancient capital of Vijayanagara is located in:


1. Karnataka
2. Kerala
3. Telengana
4. Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer: Karnataka

Q22. Who among the following was NOT a governor of Reserve Bank of India?


1. M S Gill
2. Manmohan Singh
3. M Narasimham
4. D. Subbarao

Correct Answer: M S Gill

Q23. Which of the following is not a natural greenhouse gas?


1. Nitrogen
2. Water vapour
3. Carbon dioxide
4. Methane

Correct Answer: Nitrogen

Q24. The famous ‘Tangaliya shawl’ is associated to which state of India?


1. Gujarat
2. Punjab
3. Uttar Pradesh
4. Uttarakhand

Correct Answer: Gujarat

Q25. Which of the following national parks is situated in Uttar Pradesh?


1. Dachigam
2. Hemis
3. Van Vihar
4. Dudhwa

Correct Answer: Dudhwa

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