09 July 2019 – Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier – 1) Online Exam Paper – 2018 “held on 09 JULY 2019”

Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

Q1. Which of the following is NOT an anti-virus software?

Options :

1. Norton
2. Kaspersky
3. Avast
4. Linux

Correct answer: Linux

Q2. A savings fund in which both, the employer and the employee contribute regularly in the interest of the employee is known as:

Options :

1. Balanced Fund
2. Index Fund
3. Provident Fund
4. Mutual Fund

Correct answer:  Provident Fund

Q3. Who was appointed as the new Director General of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan in June 2019?

Options :

1. Rizwan Akhtar
2. Hamid Gul
3. Faiz Hameed
4. Riaz Hussain

Correct answer:  Faiz Hameed

Q4. According to Randsatnd Employer Brand Research 2019 Report, which of the following has been rated as India’s most attractive employer brand?

Options :

1. Amazon India
2. Microsoft
3. Samsung
4. Larsen and Toubro

Correct answer:  Amazon India

Q5. The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHOptions 🙂 is located in:

Options :

1. Kolkata
2. Indore
3. Bengaluru
4. Puducherry

Correct answer:  Bengaluru

Q6. Who is the author of the book ‘The End of Imagination’?

Options :

1. Chetan Bhagat
2. Amitav Ghosh
3. Arundhati Roy
4. Shobha De

Correct answer: Arundhati Roy

Q7. With which of the following sports is the Derby Trophy associated?

Options :

1. Snooker
2. Chess
3. Horse Racing
4. Golf

Correct answer: Horse Racing

Q8. Burzahom, the neolithic site, is located in ________.

Options :

1. Karnataka
2. Jammu and Kashmir
3. Mizoram
4. Goa

Correct answer:  Jammu and Kashmir

Q9. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India is associated with the election of the President of India?

Options :

1. Article 103
2. Article 78
3. Article 74
4. Article 54

Correct answer:  Article 54

Q10. Who among the following was appointed as the first Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

Options :

1. Vithalbhai J Patel
2. G V Mavalankar
3. V Narahari Rao
4. M. Ananthasayanam Ayyangar

Correct answer:  M. Ananthasayanam Ayyangar

Q11. ‘Freedom in Exile’ is the autobiography of :

Options :

1. Dalai Lama
2. Mahatma Gandhi
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Correct answer:  Dalai Lama

Q12. India and Asia’s first Dolphin Research Centre will be set up in ________.

Options :

1. Haridwar
2. Patna
3. Varanasi
4. Devprayag

Correct answer:  Patna

Q13. Which of the following rivers originates from Mahabaleshwar?

Options :

1. Tapi
2. Krishna
3. Cauvery
4. Sabarmati

Correct answer: Krishna

Q14. The Hirakud Dam is built across the river:

Options :

1. Mahanadi
2. Tungabhadra
3. Koyna
4. Damodar

Correct answer: Mahanadi

Q15. Which of the following companies is a Navratna company?

Options :

1. Coal India Limited
2. Engineers India Limited
3. Steel Authority of India Limited
4. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited

Correct answer: Engineers India Limited

Q16. With reference to Remote Sensing Technology, what does LIDAR stand for?

Options :

1. Light Direction and Revolving
2. Light Distraction and Refraction
3. Light Dimension and Reflection
4. Light Detection and Ranging

Correct answer: Light Detection and Ranging

Q17. Which of the following is a ProKabbadi Team?

Options :

1. Delhi Capitals
2. Telugu Titans
3. Sunrisers Hyderabad
4. Mumbai IndiOptions :

Correct answer:  Telugu Titans

Q18. The 1979 Cricket World Cup was won by _________.

Options :

1. Australia
2. West Indies
3. England
4. Sri Lanka

Correct answer:  West Indies

Q19. In which of the following states is Ashtamudi Lake situated?

Options :

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Odisha
3. Kerala
4. Tamil Nadu

Correct answer:  Kerala

Q20. Which of the followings, is NOT a Peninsular river?

Options :

1. Mahanadi
2. Narmada
3. Krishna
4. Alaknanda

Correct answer:  Alaknanda

Q21. Who among the following first trOptions :lated the ‘Bhagvad Gita’ into English?

Options :

1. Charles Wilkins
2. George Yule
3. Max Muller
4. Vincent Arthur Smith

Correct answer: Charles Wilkins

Q22. Which of the following vehicles launched the RISAT-2B satellite in May 2019 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre?

Options :

1. PSLV- C41
2. PSLV-C42
3. PSLV-C26
4. PSLV-C46

Correct answer: PSLV-C46

Q23. Which of the follwing is a supercomputer developed by India?

Options :

1. Venngage
2. Onshape
3. Param Yuva 2
4. Pixir

Correct answer: Param Yuva 2

Q24. Which of the following temples is correctly matched with its location?

Options :

1. Baidyanathdham-Odisha
2. Trimbakeshwar-Karnataka
3. Mallikarjuna-Andhra Pradesh
4. Somnath-Bihar

Correct answer:  Mallikarjuna-Andhra Pradesh

Q25. Who among the following was appointed as the first Viceroy of British India?

Options :

1. Lord Irwin
2. Lord Mayo
3. Lord Wavell
4. Lord Canning

Correct answer:  Lord Canning

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