03 July 2019 – Morning Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier – 1) Online Exam Paper – 2018 “held on 03 July 2019”

Morning Shift (General Awareness)

Q1. In which state is Sasthamcotta Lake located?


1. Tamil Nadu
2. Karnataka
3. Telangana
4. Kerala

Correct Answer: Kerala

Q2. In which year was the State Financial Corporation Act passed? The Act provides for the establishment of state financial corporations.


1. 1983
2. 1951
3. 1972
4. 1947

Correct Answer: 1951

Q3. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, who is a recipient of Padma Vibhushan, is associated with which of the following instruments?


1. Flute
2. Santoor
3. Viloin
4. Tabla

Correct Answer: Santoor

Q4. Who is the Asian cricketer named as the first non-British president of the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)?


1. Mahela Jayawardene
2. Sunil Gavaskar
3. Wasim Akram
4. Kumar Sangakkara

Correct Answer: Kumar Sangakkara

Q5. In the new 2019 Narendra Modi cabinet, which portfolio is assigned to Smriti Irani?


1. Ministry of Women and Child Development
2. Ministry of Human Resource Development
3. Ministry of Law and Justice
4. Ministry of External Affairs

Correct Answer: Ministry of Women and Child Development

Q6. In the context of Cloud Computing, what is the full form of PaaS?


1. Platform as a Service
2. Performance as a Service
3. Payment as a Service
4. Protocol as a Service

Correct Answer: Platform as a Service

Q7. Which of the following is NOT one of the tools of Robotics Process Automation?


1. Automation Anywhere
2. Ui Path
3. PowerCenter
4. Blue Prism

Correct Answer: Power Center

Q8. Dolomite is an ore of which of the following metals?


1. Calcium
2. Strontium
3. Potassium
4. Aluminium

Correct Answer:  Calcium

Q9. In January 2019, which panel was setup by the RBI to suggest measures to strengthen the safety of the digital payments ecosystem in India?


1. Sudha Murthy Panel
2. Nandan Nilekani Panel
3. Raghuram Rajan Panel
4. Urjit Patel Panel

Correct Answer:  Nandan Nilekani Panel

Q10. In which year was the Central Board of Revenue Act in India promulgated?


1. 1973
2. 1963
3. 1953
4. 1983

Correct Answer: 1963

Q11. The quote “Bombs and pistols do not make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting-stone of ideas” belongs to which of the following freedom fighters


1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
2. Lala Lajpat Rai
3. Bhagat Singh
4. Subhash Chandra Bose

Correct Answer: Bhagat Singh

Q12. Indira Sagar Dam which is a concrete gravity dam is located in which of the following states of India?


1. Maharashtra
2. Chattisgarh
3. Madhya Pradesh
4. Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q13. In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared 3rd June as ______________.


1. World Bicycle Day
2. World Motorcycle Day
3. World Automobile Day
4. World Water TrOptions:port Day

Correct Answer: World Bicycle Day

Q14. Which popular Indian band of the 90s released their first album ‘Boondein’ with Mohit Chauhan as the lead?


1. Pentagram
2. Lost Stories
3. Silk Route
4. 13AD

Correct Answer: Silk Route

Q15. For which specific reason is Pingali Venkayya remembered even today?


1. He helped in the annexation of Hyderabad
2. He helped in the annexation of Goa
3. He composed the music for the National Anthem
4. He designed the Indian National Flag

Correct Answer: He designed the Indian National Flag

Q16. Which of the following banks was founded by Muttaiya Chidambaram Chettiar Muthiah Chidambaram Chettiar in Chennai in 1937?


1. Canara Bank
2. Dhanlaxmi Bank
3. Syndicate Bank
4. Indian Overseas Bank

Correct Answer: Indian Overseas Bank

Q17. Reliance Infrastructure has bagged a Rs 648 crore contract from the Airport Authority of India to build a new airport at which of the following locations of Gujarat?


1. Keshod
2. Hirasar
3. Ambaji
4. Veraval

Correct Answer: Hirasar

Q18. In which year the Indian cricket team won the ODI World Cup for men for the second time?


1. 2007
2. 2011
3. 2015
4. 2003

Correct Answer: 2011

Q19. The world body governing of which sport has introduced a new game format called ”Triples”?


1. Badminton
2. Table tennis
3. Tennis
4. Squash

Correct Answer: Badminton

Q20. When pressure is applied to a fluid, the pressure change is trOptions:mitted to every part of the fluid without any loss. Which of the following laws explains this phenomenon?


1. Avogadro’s Law
2. Pascal’s Law
3. Hooke’s Law
4. Bernoulli’s Law

Correct Answer: Pascal’s Law

Q21. Who among the following has been appointed as the Ethics Officer of the Indian cricket board in March 2019?


1. Suresh Babu
2. Milind Kharat
3. Dinesh Kumar Verma
4. D.K.Jain

Correct Answer: D.K.Jain

Q22. The terms systolic and diastolic are used in the context of_________


1. Finding blood vessels
2. Counting blood platelets
3. Detecting problems in eye sight
4. Measuring blood pressure
Correct Answer: Measuring blood pressure

Q23. The distributory of which river takes the name ‘Padma’ in Bangladesh?


1. Jhelum
2. Indus
3. Brahmaputra
4. Ganga

Correct Answer: Ganga

Q24. The Valley of Flowers National Park is located in _______.


1. Himachal Pradesh
2. Meghalaya
3. Uttarakhand
4. Jammu & Kashmir

Correct Answer: Uttarakhand

Q25. Which committee was appointed to give a detailed report on the Non Performing Assets of public sector banks?


1. Pannir Selvam Committee
2. Mandal Committee
3. Malegam Committee
4. Srikrishna Committee

Correct Answer: Pannir Selvam Committee

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