02 July 2019 – Afternoon Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier – 1) Online Exam Paper – 2018 “held on 02 July 2019”

Afternoon Shift (General Awareness)

Q1. Greta Thunberg, the teenage sensation and global climate change crusader is from which of the following European countries?


1. Finland
2. Germany
3. Sweden
4. Belgium

Correct Answer: Sweden

Q2. Who of the following was elected as the Leader of Congress Parliamentary Party after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?


1. Rahul Gandhi
2. Shashi Tharoor
3. Sonia Gandhi
4. Mallikarjun Kharge

Correct Answer: Sonia Gandhi

Q3. Who is the Vice Captain of the Indian team that is playing the World Cup 2019 in England?


1. Shikhar Dhawan
2. Rohit Sharma
3. Hardik Pandya
4. MS Dhoni

Correct Answer: Rohit Sharma

Q4. Bangladesh defeated __________in their very first match of the 2019 World Cup held in June 2019 in England.


1. Pakistan
2. New Zealand
3. West Indies
4. South Africa

Correct Answer: South Africa

Q5. In the world of computers, what is ‘Ubuntu’?


1. A firewall developed by Microsoft
2. Open source Linux operating system
3. An ERP system from SAP
4. Latest financial software package by Infosys

Correct Answer: Open source Linux operating system

Q6. Ram Vilas Paswan is the president of which party?


1. Lok Jhakti Party
2. Samajwadi Party
3. Bahujan Samaj Party
4. Republican Party of India

Correct Answer:  Lok Jhakti Party

Q7. Which of the following rivers is popularly known as ‘Dakshin Ganga’?


1. Krishna
2. Godavari
3. Periyar
4. Tungabhadra

Correct Answer: Godavari

Q8. The 124th Amendment Bill, 2019 deals with:


1. Privatisation of Air India
2. Economic Reservation
3. Triple Talaq
4. GST

Correct Answer: Economic Reservation

Q9. Which of the following banks was authorised to issue Electoral Bonds?


1. State Bank of India
2. Corporation Bank
3. ICICI Bank
4. HDFC Bank

Correct Answer: State Bank of India

Q10. After the swearing in of the new Union government in May, 2019, who of the followings was allocated the portfolio of Youth Affairs and Sports?


1. K Muralidharan
2. Kiren Rijiju
3. Pratap Chandra Sarangi
4. Smriti Irani

Correct Answer: Kiren Rijiju

Q11. In the context of international banking tractions what is the full form of SWIFT?


1. Society for Worldwide International Financial Tractions
2. Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunication
3. Society for Wireless International Financial Tractions
4. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

Correct Answer: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

Q12. The famous Dwarkadhish Temple of Gujarat is located on the banks of which of the following rivers?


1. Tapti
2. Gomti
3. Luni
4. Narmada

Correct Answer: Gomti

Q13. Famous writer and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor won the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections from which of the following constituencies of Kerala?


1. Thiruvananthapuram
2. Kozhikode
3. Thrissur
4. Alleppey

Correct Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

Q14. In December 2016, the National Payments Corporation of India developed a mobile payment app named as__________



Correct Answer: BHIM

Q15. In computer terminology, what is the full form of RAM?


1. Repeated Access Memory
2. Random Access Memory
3. Rapid Access Memory
4. Regular Access Memory

Correct Answer: Random Access Memory

Q16. Which of the following activities by Benjamin Franklin led him to gain a better understanding of lightning and eventually to the invention of the lightning rod?


1. Riding a horse
2. Swimming in a river
3. Flying a kite
4. Practising on a piano

Correct Answer: Flying a kite

Q17. Which of the following gases has an odour that is similar to the odour of rotten eggs?


1. Dimethylcyclohexane
2. Hydrogen Sulfide
3. Ammonia
4. Chlorine

Correct Answer: Hydrogen Sulfide

Q18. Which colour saree embellished with bright golden borders is worn by the dancers of Mohiniyattam?


1. White/off-white
2. Parrot green /green
3. Deep red /red
4. Sea blue /blue

Correct Answer:  White/off-white

Q19. The mother of Mahatma Gandhi was:


1. Heerabai
2. Kamlabai
3. Putlibai
4. Kasturbabai

Correct Answer: Putlibai

Q20. The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival 2019 was held in ______.


1. United Kingdom
2. France
3. Russia
4. Italy

Correct Answer: France

Q21. The city of Belagavi is located in the state of:


1. Gujarat
2. Kerala
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Karnataka

Correct Answer: Karnataka

Q22. Which of the following types of bank accounts does NOT earn any interest for the account holder?


1. Recurring Deposit Account
2. Current Account
3. Savings Account
4. Pension Account

Correct Answer: Current Account

Q23. In 1872, Lord Mayo, the Viceroy of India was assassinated in ___________


1. Kolkata
2. Diu
3. Delhi
4. Port Blair

Correct Answer: Port Blair

Q24. Which of the following cities houses the headquarters of the Union Bank of India?


1. Lucknow
2. Mumbai
3. Mangalore
4. Kolkata

Correct Answer: Mumbai

Q25. Name the element that must be present in a compound to classify it as an organic compound.


1. Ammonia
2. Zinc
3. Carbon
4. Iron

Correct Answer: Carbon

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